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Thursday, 16 April 2015


Unknown - 05:04


  • pain and stress relief
  • preparation for physical activity.
There are different types of massage, each designed to get the specific benefits above. The 4 main types of massage are:
  • Stroking – this is a gliding movement performed in any direction. Soothing stroking has slow, rhythmical movements designed to have a sedative affect. Stimulating stroking has brisk, invigorating strokes in any one direction designed to simulate.
  • Effleurage – this is a rhythmical, superficial or deep gliding movement in the direction of flow of veins and lymphatics. This helps to reduce swelling following injury, stretch scar tissue, relax muscles, and is used as a connecting massage stroke.
  • Petrissage – this is used to help reduce swelling following injury, mobilise scar tissue, reduce muscle spasm and help circulation. There are 4 types of these pressure techniques: Kneading – muscles and superficial tissues are compressed, squeezed and relaxed. The hands move rhythmically in a circular way.
    Picking up – muscles are lifted and squeezed in one or two hands.
    Wringing – lifting, squeezing and wringing of muscles.
    Skin rolling – two hands are used to hold and roll skin between fingers.
  • Frictions - this a cross (transverse) movement over the affected area (ligaments, tendons and muscles). This helps in the healing process or is used to break down scar tissue. Deep friction massage therapy is a more vigorous form of this.


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