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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Paediatrics Physiotherapy

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Paediatrics Physiotherapy :

Physiotherapy is the treatment of the body using its self healing abilities. In the field of paediatrics physiotherapy, the physiotherapists treat a wide range of childhood conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to neurological problems.

Jaipur physiotherapy is a expert clinical center in the area of Paediatrics Physiotherapy. These are some of the Paediatrics Physiotherapy problems:
• Torticollis
• Hip dysplasia
• Poor postuer  
• Sports Injury
• Brain Injury
• Neuro-Rehabilitations
• Hypotonia
Above given are some of the Paediatrics Physiotherapy problems, but the list of problems is very large. And the solution related to this type of problem is only possible by providing a good physiotherapy.


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